Stückliste / Partlist / BoM zur Hardware der OpenDCC - Zentrale

    Stückliste für Version 1.2 .. 1.5
    Note: a lot of parts are optional, see column "option".
    Depending on the desired host interface, usb or rs232 parts may be omitted.
    If s88 or dmx is not used, just leave out these parts.
    Instead of plug connectors for dc in and dcc out, screw terminal are possible.
    1) not fitted, pullup is internal to ATMEL and debounce is done per software
    2) not fitted, same LED as on front panel (only if there is no front panel, like in HSI88 Mode)
    3) mount isolated not to shorten underlaying pads with the housing of the resonator
    4) Linear regulator is not recommended, esp. when larger s88 busses are used; the board could be equipped with a switching regulator: PTH08080 from TI (IC8) or with RECOM 785.0-0.5 in SIP package. (plug-in replacement for 7805 from recom-international ).
    5) For the update to OpenDCC_XP a Atmel Atmega644P is required. (Atmega644P, not Atmega644).
    6) If R41 is not fitted, SJ2 must be closed.
  • 2007-04-17 C44, 10nF added
  • 2007-12-20 IC10, R41, R43, R44, R45, JP5, JP6 added (for Version 1.4)
  • 2008-07-10 Atmega644P added (as update path to OpenDCC_XP)

Stückliste / Partlist / BoM for Xpressnet-Extension

    • 2009-01-19 1) Note: The RJ12 Plug is sometimes difficult to buy; from Layout V1.2 both SMD and through hole modular jacks (like MEBP 6-6S) could be mounted.
    • 2009-03-07 R3 and R4 changed from 4k7 to 1k5 to avoid spurious start bits in mixed voltage environments.